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Enrollment (New Students)

Enrollment_Application Card Icon Enrollment Application

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2022-23 Enrollment

Fill out or print the Application for Admission.
Fill out or print the Enrollment Form.
Fill out or print the Home Language Survey (TK and Kinder only).
Print or Oral Health Assessment and Health Examination forms and send to your dentist and doctor (TK and Kinder only).
Fill out or print the Request for Records (1ST-6TH Applicants).
Print or save the Letter of Recommendation and send to current teacher (1st-6th Applicants).
Scan or bring copies of birth certificate, shot records, and last report card when applicable.
All forms can be emailed to or can be deposited in our mailbox just outside our main door..
In addition, we will have printed forms available in our office.
Our new enrollment period runs from 1/10/22 to 3/11/22