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Classroom Visits

Smythe Academy PK-6
Volunteers, Visitors and Classroom Observation School Policy

Frequent_Volunteers Card IconFrequent Volunteers

Any person who volunteers more than 10 hours per week or who will be a chaperone on a field trip must be fingerprinted, have a current TB test on file with the Twin Rivers Unified School District and be issued a volunteer badge. (Please see the front office for more information.)

Volunteers_and_Visitors_Policy Card IconVolunteers and Visitors Policy

Parents & guardians are always welcome and encouraged to visit the school. We really do appreciate having you here, but to ensure the safety of our students we require that all visitors and volunteers must:
  • Report first to the office
  • Sign in and get a visitor's badge
  • Wear the badge while on school grounds and make sure it is visible
  • Sign out at the office at the end of the visit
Visitors without a badge will be asked to go to the office to get one.

Classroom_Visit_Policy Card IconClassroom Visit Policy

If you would like to observe a lesson, visit a classroom, or meet with a teacher, an appointment is required. We appreciate your understanding of the fact that classrooms run on routines and consistency and sometimes classrooms are involved in activities like testing that require students to be focused. In such cases we want any changes to the classroom routine be kept to a minimum. Please follow these guidelines:
  • Contact the teacher, ask what times are best and schedule a visit at least 24 hours in advance. (Your teacher will suggest times that do not conflict with scheduled activities like testing.)
  • Most subjects are taught in 45-90 minute blocks of time. We strongly encourage you to limit visits to within these times.
  • While in the classroom please respect your teacher’s directions regarding your working with, helping, or interacting with our students. Our students’ education is their primary responsibility.
  • Report to the office as explained in the “Volunteers and Visitors Policy” above.
  • Turn cell phone/device on silent or off and have them out of sight during the visit. (No use of any electronic listening or recording devices may be used by students or visitors in a classroom without the teacher and principal’s permission. (BP 1250; Education Code 51512)